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Products > Turbine Flowmeter > Liquid Turbine Flowmeter > MT100TB-LWGY Liquid Turbine Flowmeter
Product name : MT100TB-LWGY Liquid Turbine Flowmeter
Price : Negotiable
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  1. Application medium: Liquid or Oil
  2. Accuracy:-0.2%~0.5%
  3. Caliber and flow range:DN4-DN200 
  4. Power supply:24VDC / 220VAC / battery
  5. Signal output:4~20m A, pulse, hart, RS485, modbus
  6. Connect and installation type: flanged, thread, tri-clamp
  7. Body material:304 stainless steel
  8. Working temperature:-20°C~+80°C
  9. Working pressure: 1.6Mpa
  10. Display:LCD 8bit  cumulative flow and 4bit instantaneous flow
  11. Anti-Explode grade : Optional
  12. Protection grade:IP65-68

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